Sunday, May 30, 2021

Ch. 25 - Jesus Again in Jerusalem

An audio recording of chapter 25 of James E. Talmage's classic work, Jesus the Christ. Read by Bradley Ross. Music from Lara St. John, used by permission via The original text of this item, including footnotes and endnotes, is available from Project Gutenberg:  

Departure from Galilee.—At the Feast of Tabernacles.—Another charge of Sabbath desecration.—Living water for the spiritually thirsty.—Plans to arrest Jesus.—Nicodemus protests.—Woman taken in adultery.—Christ the light of the world.—The truth shall make men free.—Christ's seniority over Abraham.—Sight restored on Sabbath day.—Physical and spiritual blindness.—Shepherd and sheep-herder.—Christ the Good Shepherd.—His inherent power over life and death.—Sheep of another fold

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